Cool Sounds of Artisan Keycap Switches

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the switches you pick really make a difference, especially in how they sound. Artisan keycaps, famous for their fancy designs, come with different types of switches, each with its own unique sound. This article is all about the sounds of these artisan keycaps.

The types of sounds

Here are the types of sounds:

Cherry MX: The Clicky Classics

Cherry MX switches are like the rock stars of mechanical keyboards. They have different versions, and each has its own sound. Cherry MX Blue switches are the real clickety-clack champs.

When you press them, you hear a crisp “click,” and when you let go, you get a cool “clack.” People who love the classic mechanical keyboard sound dig these.

Gateron: Smooth and Not So Loud

Gateron switches are kind of like Cherry MX’s cousins. Gateron Reds are smooth operators. They don’t put up much resistance, and they’re pretty quiet.

No loud clicks here, so you won’t bug your coworkers if you’re using one of these at the office.

Kailh: Sound for Everyone

Kailh switches are a mixed bag, and that’s a good thing. Kailh Box Whites are all about that click life, giving you a sharp, satisfying click when you press them.

But if you’re not into clicks, Kailh Box Browns keep it quieter while still giving you a nice bump when you type. Kailh lets you pick the sound you like.

Topre: The Mighty Thock

Topre switches have a totally different vibe. They make a sound that’s more like a “thock.” They’re not clicky or clacky at all.

Topre switches use rubber domes and capacitive technology to make this unique sound. It’s quieter and feels different, but still cool.

NovelKeys: Get Creative with Sound

NovelKeys is all about letting you customize your sound. They have switches like the NovelKeys Box Royals, which give you a tactile feel and a solid “thud” sound.

These custom switches let you experiment with all sorts of sounds and find your groove.

Silent Switches: Keeping It Hush

For those who want a super quiet typing experience, silent switches like Cherry MX Silent Reds or Silent Blacks are the go-to choice. They’re made to be really quiet while still keeping that mechanical feel.

It’s like typing in stealth mode, perfect for offices or shared spaces.


In a nutshell, the type of switch on your artisan keycap keyboard totally affects how it sounds. Whether you’re vibing with the classic clicks of Cherry MX, the smoothness of Gateron, the customizability of Kailh, the unique “thock” of Topre, or the creativity of NovelKeys, there’s a switch that’ll give you the sound you want. Your keyboard’s sound can make typing more fun and show off your style.



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