Crafting a Dog Chase Toy Obstacle Tunnel with Wooden Boards

Alright, folks, let’s get into some DIY fun—making a cool obstacle tunnel for your dog chase toy! In this guide, we’ll break it down step by step, using simple materials like wooden boards. This project not only adds excitement to your pup’s playtime but also gives them a mental and physical workout.

Materials you’ll need

Here are the materials needed:

Wooden Boards

Grab some dog-safe wood, like untreated pine or plywood. The size and number of boards depend on the tunnel’s dimensions.


You’ll need a saw to cut those boards to the right lengths.

Screws and a screwdriver

These are for keeping those wooden pieces together.

Measuring Tape and Pencil

Tools for measuring and marking your boards


Smooth those edges to avoid any splinters.

Dog-Friendly Paint or Stain (Optional)

If you want to add some color or protect the wood,

Steps to Create the Tunnel

Here are the steps.

Plan your tunnel

First off, decide how long, wide, and high you want your tunnel to be. It all depends on your dog’s size and the space you have. A quick sketch on paper can help you visualize it.

Cut the boards

Grab that saw and cut the boards according to your measurements. You’ll need boards for the sides, top, bottom, and any extra support pieces.

Build the frame

Assemble those boards into a rectangular frame—that’s your tunnel’s skeleton. Use screws and a screwdriver to make it sturdy and balanced.

Shape the Tunnel

Attach the top and bottom boards to the sides to create the tunnel’s basic shape. If you want, add more support inside for extra stability.

Smooth Things Out

Time to grab the sandpaper! Smooth down any rough edges or splinters on those boards. Safety first, folks!

Optional: Get creative with paint or stain

If you’re feeling artsy, give your tunnel a splash of color or a protective coat of paint or stain. Just make sure it’s dog-friendly and non-toxic.

Let Your Dog Chase Toy Take the Lead

Pop your pup’s favorite chase toy into the tunnel and let them explore. Use treats and positive vibes to make it a fun adventure.

Playtime Patrol

Keep an eye on your furry friend while they’re tunneling around. It’s all about safety. Check the tunnel now and then for any signs of wear or damage.


Creating a wooden obstacle tunnel for your dog’s chase toy is an awesome DIY project that adds some extra oomph to playtime. It keeps your four-legged buddy active, happy, and mentally engaged.

Just follow these steps, keep it dog-safe, and enjoy the game as your pup goes tunnel-crazy! So, get those creative juices flowing.



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