Fix a Wonky Water Pump in Your Metal Cat Water Fountain

You’ve got this slick metal cat water fountain, right? Keeps your furry friend hydrated and all. But hey, sometimes things get a bit haywire, and the water pump acts up. No worries!


In this guide, we’ll run through some steps to figure out and fix those water pump woes in your metal cat water fountain. Your cat will be sipping happily again in no time!

Step 1: Check the charge

First things first: make sure the water pump is getting power. Check if the fountain’s plugged in and the outlet’s good to go.

If it’s all a no-go, try a different outlet and give the power cord a once-over. Sometimes it’s just a power glitch.

Step 2: Look for Blockages

Blockages can be a real stumbling block for the pump. Check where the water goes into the fountain and give the pump itself a good look.

Hair, dirt, or who-knows-what can jam up the pump. Fish out any blockages you find.

Step 3: Watch the water level

The water pump works best when there’s enough water. If it’s too low, the pump can act all wonky or even conk out.

Make sure the water level is at least covering the pump’s minimum water line.

Step 4: Show the pump some love

Over time, gunk and crud can build up on the pump, messing with its mojo. Turn off the fountain, unplug it, and yank out the pump.

If you can, take the pump apart and give each piece a good scrub with a soft brush or cloth. Make sure nothing’s mucking up the impeller or motor.

Step 5: Grease the Wheels

Lubricating the pump can help it run smooth as butter and avoid getting all seized up. Use a pet-safe lubricant or check with the fountain maker for tips on lubing up the pump’s moving bits.

Step 6: Put the Pump to the Test

After you’ve cleaned and lubed the pump, put it all back together and pop it back in the fountain. Plug it in and crank it up to see if the water pump’s back in business.

Listen out for any weird noises or shakes, which might mean there’s still a problem.

Step 7: Keep an Eye on Pump Damage

If the pump’s still not playing nice, it might be busted or worn out. Inspect it for any obvious damage, like cracks, messed-up wires, or burnt parts. If you spot any, it’s probably time to swap out the pump.

Step 8: Say Hi to Customer Support

If you’ve tried everything and the pump’s still giving you grief, hit up the manufacturer’s customer support.

They can help you figure out what’s what and might even send you a new pump if your fountain’s still under warranty.


A working water pump is the heart of your metal cat water fountain, making sure your kitty gets a steady stream of fresh water. With these troubleshooting steps, you can usually get to the bottom of water pump problems, keeping your feline friend hydrated and happy.

Just remember to give your fountain some regular TLC, and it’ll keep on serving your kitty’s thirst for a long time.



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