Setting a Timer for Your Toilet Lights: A Simple Guide

Got some nifty toilet lights and are thinking, “Hey, let’s add a timer to make them even cooler”?


No worries, we’ve got your back. Check out this super easy step-by-step guide to make that timer your new best friend:

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

Alright, first things first, gather your gear. You’ll need your trusty toilet lights, a timer, and maybe even a screwdriver if you’re feeling handy.

Step 2: Cut the power

Safety’s a big deal, folks. Before you start tinkering with wires, turn off the juice. Find that switch or breaker for your bathroom lights and flip it off. We don’t mess around with safety.

Step 3: Hunt for the Control Panel

Your toilet lights hide a control panel somewhere. It might be right by the lights or hanging around nearby. That’s where the timer magic goes down.

Step 4: Glance at the Manual

Remember that booklet that was tagged along with your toilet lights? Yeah, the user manual. Give it a quick scan. It’s like your treasure map for the timer settings. Manuals usually toss in pictures to keep things easy.

Step 5: Time to Choose Your Timer

Decide how long you want your toilet lights to shine. This part’s all about your fancy. Quick flash or long glow—it’s your call.

Step 6: Set the timer rolling

Now, at the control panel, sniff around for the timer setting. The manual will clue you in. Usually, it’s just mashing buttons or giving the screen a tap or two. Stick with the manual’s lead.

Step 7: Timer Test Drive

It’s time to take your timer for a spin. Fire up the power again, make your toilet lights work their magic, and see if they say ‘goodnight’ when the timer’s showtime is up. If it works, congrats; you’re a timer pro!

Step 8: Tweak If Needed

If the timer’s acting up or you’re feeling a change of heart, don’t sweat it. Head back to the control panel and give your timer a little makeover. The manual is your trusty sidekick here.

Step 9: Lock It Down

Now that your timer’s all set, make sure that the control panel’s sealed up nice and tight. Moisture and damage aren’t invited to this party.

Step 10: Power Up

Last but not least, flip that switch or breaker back on. Your toilet lights are now in cahoots with your timer, giving you sweet automatic lighting control.


Setting a timer for your toilet lights is a piece of cake. It’s all about making your life easier and saving some energy. So, just go ahead and follow these steps, and your toilet lights will be doing their thing just the way you like. Enjoy your timer magic!



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