Using dog toys to help dogs beat their fear of water

Today, we’re tackling a big issue for some of our four-legged pals: their fear of water. We all know how some dogs can be total landlubbers, but fear not—with a bit of know-how and a trusty dog toy, we can help them make a splash and overcome their fear of the wet stuff.

Doggy Fear of Water: The Message

First things first, let’s get to know what we’re dealing with. Aquaphobia, or being afraid of water, isn’t just a human thing. Dogs can get the jitters around water too. It could be because of a past bad experience, a lack of exposure when they were pups, or just a natural fear.

The Magic of Dog Toys

Now, here’s the secret: dog chase toys. These little wonders can be our best buddies in helping our water-shy pups dive in. Here’s how they can turn the tide:

Positive Vibes

Start by using the dog chase toy to create good vibes around water. Take your dog to a safe and shallow spot, like a kiddie pool or calm stream, and toss the toy near the water. Encourage your dog to get close and grab the toy. The fun of chasing their favorite toy can help shift their focus away from their fear.

Baby Steps

Take it slow and steady. Begin with easy games of fetch using the dog chase toy near the water. As your dog gets comfy, you can gradually venture into deeper waters. The key is to let your dog set the pace and not push them.

Fetch in the Wet Zone

Make water and fetch inseparable. Get that dog chase toy into the water game. Toss it in for your dog to fetch. The thrill of chasing the toy and the reward of a good fetch can boost your dog’s water confidence.

Treats and Cheers

Positive reinforcement is your secret weapon. Whenever your dog gets close to the water, touches it, or even takes the plunge, shower them with praise and treats. Let them know they’re ace water adventurers.

Patience Rules

Take it from us: patience is key. It might take a while for your dog to get over their water worries. Stick with it, keep it positive, and remember that forcing your dog into the water won’t help; it might make things worse.

Picking the Right Dog Chase Toy

Not all dog toys are created equal, so when you’re picking a sidekick for your water therapy, think about:

Floating Powers

You want a toy that can float. Floating toys are easier to spot in the water, which makes them way more appealing for your dog to chase.

Toughness Factor

Go for a toy that can take a good soaking and still come back for more. You know how dogs like to chomp and shake their toys—it’s got to be tough.

Color Pop

Brightly colored toys are winners. They’re easy for both you and your dog to spot in the water, which keeps the game alive.

Safety First

Safety is non-negotiable. Make sure the toy doesn’t have any small bits that could be a choking hazard.


In a nutshell, using dog toys to help dogs overcome their fear of water is a brilliant approach. These toys, along with patience, positivity, and a gradual approach, can turn your water-wary pup into a confident aquatic explorer.

Remember, every dog is different, so go at their pace, and together, you can make a big splash in conquering that water fear. Happy wet adventures!



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